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The following FAQ's are based on the most common questions new and existing clients have asked in our history.
If there is something that is not covered please send us a note through our contact page and we will respond with an answer as soon as possible.

Mailing Services

What is the most cost effective method for my mailing piece?
Post cards offer the cheapest rates. However, we do offer First Class Presort and Standard Mail Presort. We suggest you call so that we can discuss the options for the size and weight of your Mail Piece.
Are there minimum quantities?
Yes, depending on the class used for your mailer.

First Class Presort: 500 pieces
Presorted Standard / Non-Profit: 200 pieces
Straight First Class: no minimum
What is the maximum size for a postcard mailer?
The maximum size a postcard can be is 4" by 6".

NOTE: The most cost effective method of sending a postcard size mailer is via 1st Class Presort.
Do I need a return address on my mail piece?
It is necessary to put a return address on your mail piece if you are sending it Straight First Class or First Class Presort. However, when sending Presorted Standard it is not necessary, but it is strongly suggested.
What file type can do you accept for Mailing?
We accept the following file types:

MS Excel
CSV - comma delimited or tab delimited
MS Access

If your file type is not listed please contact us.
What happens if postage is cheaper than what I was quoted?
In cases where when the work has been completed and it is found that the postage cost was cheaper than what was originally quoted by All Sorts Mailing, we will pass the difference back to the customer in the form of a credit on their next order.
Is it possible for me to purchase a mailing list?
All mailing lists are the property of All Sorts Mailing. You are allowed to rent list from us but All Sorts Mailing retains ownership. The reason for this is this guarantees that the data on the list you select is always accurate.
How can I tell if my piece needs to be tabbed?
This really depends on the piece, you may submit your piece to us for review and we can provide you with definitive answers as well as a quote on the tabbing service.
How will I know that my pieces have been mailed?
Every time we deliver a job to the post office, we receive a postage statement. The postage statement has the quantity, postage amount, as well as the day the job was dropped. We will be happy to send a copy via fax or included with your invoice.
When do I pay postage for my mailing?
Postage must be paid at the time the order is placed.
Does All Sorts Mailing have a permit number that I can use on my mailing?
Absolutely, call us and we will fax over our number and a sample of how it should read for your class of mail.

Printing Services

What file type can do you accept for Print?
We accept the following file types:

Adobe PDF*
Adobe CS5 File (.AI, .EPS, .PST)

Adobe PDF is the preferred file type.
When sending a file for print, please send print ready documents with bleed, register and trim marks.
Do you have templates that I can use for my print project?
Yes! We have generated base templates that may be used for most all business print work you can find all templates on our resources page.

All template files are in Adobe Illustrator (.AI) format. You will need Illustrator CS5 or Creative Cloud access to use these files.

General Questions

Do you have a price list?
Given the complexity of and the options that can be added or removed per production run we can not offer a standardized pricing structure. Please call for a quote.
Can I email my files directly?
Yes, depending on the size of your file. For file attachments that are under 5meg you may send them direct to

Files larger than 5meg please use our upload service.
How are leftover portions of my project handled?
We will courier or ship them back to you at your request, however you will incur a delivery charge. All Sorts Mailing has a recycling program we offer at no additional charge.
Does All Sorts Mailing pick up?
We do offer pick up service of your direct mail pieces. However, depending on the location and the number of boxes, skids, or trays there may be a nominal convenience fee charged for this service.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept the following:
Business Checks
Credit Cards -
What is the general turn around time?
Our turn time is usually 2 days. However, due to the volume and production efforts required for your mailing or print job, this will adjust accordingly. When possible, All Sorts Mailing will put a rush on projects at no additional charge.