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With our solutions we can provide the most accurate and cost effective solutions to ensure that your direct mail and fulfillment needs are on target.

Direct mail is prepared and delivered in accordance with USPS regulations, resulting in deep postage discounts for you. Fast turn around times, professional finishing options, and customized matching solutions are just some of the advantages of sending your marketing materials with us. With superior equipment and experienced staff, we are the direct mail experts.

Our Full Line of Services Include

Done Right, Done Right Here, Done Right Now

National Change of Address processing includes all change of address data by relocating customers. It is updated regularly and maintained by the USPS. Your mailing list records can be matched with change of address data which provides ZIP+4 for all residential and business moves.

Read more in the NCOA Processing PDF.

If You Can Get That Done Today, That Would Be Greeaaaat...MMMMMMK.

We've all been there. It's late on a Friday afternoon, the weekend is in sight and the "Lumbergh" of the office shows up. He tells you that legal has an important notice that needs to be sent to all your clients - hundreds, thousands, millions of them! Oh, and it needs to be there Monday. You panic, the weekend plans out the window, rest relaxation over - done - gone. Then you remember All Sorts Mailing.

We understand that things happen and sometime it has to happen fast. We'll find away to get it done for you without charging you a premium for it. And unlike some there are no "rush" fee!

Optimize Your Postal Savings With All Sorts Mailings Quality Data Management.

  • Database Management Services include list archiving, list standardization, Nixie removal, record addition and removal.
  • CASS Certified Processing Processing your list through our CASS Certified software guarantees your addresses are fully compliant with USPS regulations for automated mail discounts.
  • DPV Delivery Point Validation ensures the physical delivery address exists.
  • Merge / Purge Improve your customer database quality through the process of merging record data from separate files into one file and purging unwanted information as well as removing any duplicate records.
  • De-dupe Reduce printing and postage costs using our process of removing duplicate records from one or multiple lists.
  • Postal Presort All Sorts Mailing Services can help maximize your postal dollars by sorting your addresses according to USPS standards.
  • Entry Optimization Lists are analyzed for saturation levels to identify additional postal savings via drop-ship entry discounts to BMC and SCF facilities.

Don't Let a Perfect Campaign be Stopped Because it Doesn't Meet USPS Regulations!

You, your designer have worked hard on a fantastic campaign. You know you have to have a well designed piece to send to potential customers. Now let us help you design a Mail Piece that complies with USPS regulations.

Mail Piece Design is a critical part to any direct mail campaign and should be considered at the conceptual design stage. Our team can asses your mailer and provide you with details on how to optimize your piece for the best possible postage discounts

Proper Coding and Presort Mean Deeper Discounts On Your Mailing.

Maximize postal discounts for domestic mailing efforts using all classes of mail – First Class, Periodicals, Standard, and Package Service mailings including all types of mail – letters, flats and parcels. Maximize postal discounts for domestic mailing efforts using all classes of mail – First Class, Periodicals, Standard, and Package Service mailings including all types of mail – letters, flats and parcels.

It is a common misconception that presorting means placing the mail pieces in ZIP code order. There are different ways to presort the mail based on piece type, class of service, physical characteristics, and bar-coding. Grouping these attributes together identify a 'presort method', for which there is a specific set of requirements for sorting and containerizing the mail. Although each method has unique requirements for sorting, many presort methods follow a similar model of sortation. Understanding this model is the beginning of understanding presort.

Mail pieces are sorted into levels. The first level described is the finest level of sortation and provides the biggest discount. The discounts are larger at the finer levels because sortation at those levels provide the largest savings to the USPS in processing the mail. Pieces are grouped according to 5 digit ZIP codes. The pieces are placed into trays to the same 5 digit destination. All full trays to a destination are created, then overflow trays are sometimes allowed (which are not full to capacity).

Perfect Marketing Piece? Make Sure It Gets In The Right Hands!

Even if your direct marketing campaign has the perfect message, graphics, and copy writing, it will not be effective unless you're targeting the right people. If you improve your list, you'll improve your ROI!

About 40% of a direct marketing campaign's success is based on its mailing list. Your product may be great and you may have extremely creative and attention-grabbing marketing materials, but without a strong list, they won't get the best returns possible.

List management involves the buying, renting or compiling of direct marketing lists that help you reach the individuals who are most likely to do business with your company. Paired with effective marketing practices, your list will help you manage your growth and expand your business.

Make Your Life Easier, And Avoiding Paper Cuts.

All Sorts Mailing Services has one of the largest and most efficient Hand Assembly divisions in the area. Our 13,000 Sq. ft. production area can accommodate projects of any size. Our production crew has the necessary knowledge and experience to give your project the special care and attention to details that it demands. For services like matching and inserting non-machinable items into envelopes look to our Fulfillment Division for impeccable service.

Other Production Services Include:

  • Poly-Bagging & Shrink Wrapping - Insert your mailers into poly-bags for a sturdy visible approach or shrink wrap your products for shipping.
  • Inserting - By hand or by machine, once we have the items to be inserted, we can put them in the envelopes. Pricing will vary based on the number of inserts.
  • Folding - All Sorts Mailing has machinery that can fold your letters. We offer Letter Fold, Z Fold, Half Folds and many other common folds even Custom Folds all for the same price!3
  • Postage Application - Permit Imprint, Stamps or Metered Mail. It's your choice, we use all three. All Sorts Mailing has a permit that you can use free of charge, call us and we'll send a sample to you or your printer to use on your mailing.

We Print It So You Don't Have To.

How many envelopes, letterheads have you gone through because it went wrong side up? Or a clogged printer head?

All Sorts Mailing uses one of the most advanced industrial ink-jet machines in the country. In addition to printing an address in the proper area of your mail-piece, we can add an additional 1.5 inches of variable print in a separate area of your mailing, as well as print in different colors! This equipment offers numerous possibilities. Go ahead, give us a challenge!

If you are looking for something truly crisp and clean, we can LASER print your letters and presort for mailing in a short period.

No More Paisty Mouth

USPS requires that some self mailers be tabbed to receive automation discounts. Our facility can apply tabs and stamps in line with out ink-jet printing service. From start to finish our process is designed to save your time and most of all money.

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